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Red Tree Frog

Red Tree Frog
Photo: Courtesy of Damon Ramsey
BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide

Red Tree Frog (Or 'Naked Tree Frog'):  Litoria rubella

  • This is a small frog with a longish body, shorter limbs and a distinctly blunt snout.

  • The colour varies from a reddish brown to a shade so translucent that the organs can be seen through the skin (and thus the frog is `naked').

  • A dark stripe extends from the blunt snout, through the typanum and along the side of the body.

  • The call is a consistent bleating that can be deafeningly loud, especially when the frog takes advantage of an amplifier such as a drain or a pipe.

  • The red tree frog is found in toilets and houses, forests, woodland and desert in tropical, eastern and central Australia and southern New Guinea.

  • This is one of Australia's most adaptable and environmentally diverse frogs.

  • In the drier parts of it's range, this small frog shelters under rocks to conserve moisture and it is also reported to huddle in groups for the same reason (Egerton 1997); an unusual behaviour, as frogs are usually solitary when not in the mating season.
    Script courtesy of Naturalist Guide Damon Ramsey

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