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Nursery Frog

Photo: Courtesy of Damon Ramsey
 BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide

Nursery Frog: Sphenophryne robusta

  • Like all known Australian Microhylid frogs, this species has quite an unusual way of breeding.
  • Eggs are  laid outside the water medium, on the moist rainforest floor vegetation.
  • Hence this frog has no free-swimming tadpole stage in its growth cycle, but the eggs actually hatch into tiny froglets.


  • Inhabits rainforest environments.
  • Only to be found over the small area between Tinaroo Dam on the Atherton Tableland and Paluma on the Seaview Range north of Townsville.


  • Twenty-five millimetres in length.

Additional Information:

  • This is the most widespread and common of the Microhylid frogs, a group of small, ground dwelling frogs restricted to the rainforests of northern Australia.
  • The Pealing Chirper was first described in 1912 by D.B. Fry, a renowned Australian zoologist of the time.
  • After a series of changes it gained its current name in 1965, following a major review of the Microhylid frogs by Richard Zweifel.
  • The back can be various shades of dull or reddish brown, with darker flecks.
  • Some individuals also have pale spots and a pale, narrow stripe running along the spine.
  • An irregular black stripe runs from the nostrils, through the eye to the shoulder.
  • The belly, groin and hidden parts of the thighs are white, yellow or orange, mottled with darker markings.
  • All the members of this group look similar, and this species looks identical to another frog occurring on the Tablelands, the Cricket Chirper, Sphenophryne fryi.
  • The best way to tell Microhylid frogs apart is by their call.
  • Male Pealing chirper call while concealed under rocks, logs or leaf litter.
  • The call is a series of short, high pitched chirps arranged in couplets.
  • Try listening to Marc Hero's frog calls of the Wet Tropics tape so you can find out what it sounds like.

    Script courtesy of the Tablelands Frog Club Inc.

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