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Regent Skipper

Regent Skipper
Photo: C & D Frith 
Australia's Wet Tropics
Rainforest Life

Regent Skipper (Euschemon rafflesia)

  • This butterfly belongs to the family Hersperiidae.
  • When resting, the adults open their wings almost flat (although this is normally how moths rest).
  • Adult Regent Skippers usually fly within the rainforest.
  • Females are often seen circling a target plant prior to deciding on which branch to lay her eggs.
  • Larvae feed on rainforest understorey shrubs.
  • The male regent skipper (found in the Wet Tropics) is the only butterfly to lock its fore and hindwings together during flight - which makes it the most primitive of the world's butterflies. The females, however, are more advanced  - as they have lost their frenulums. (Source: Environmental Protection Agency) 
  • The frenulum is a distinguishing features of moths, which locks the hind and forewings together in flight.
  • This is of special interest to scientists, as this primative function is thought to represent a link between moths and butterflies.



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