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Photo: Courtesy of
   Naturalist Guide Damon Ramsey  

Galah: Cacatua roseicapilla

  • The Galah seems to be in no danger of disappearing, and the opening up of land due to European agricultural development has probably benefited it.

  • The word 'galah' is an Australian slang word for a rather silly person.

Identifying characteristics:

  • A beautiful cockatoo, coloured like no other parrot. It has flamingo pink underparts, soft gray upperparts, and a white cap and crest on the head.

  • Galahs are usually seen in flocks, sometimes quite large in rural areas.


  • The call is a high. wheeling not unpleasant screech.


  • It is a seed-eater, usually seen nibbling at ground level, and thus also considered a crop pest and persecuted by farmers.

Script courtesy of Naturalist Guide Damon Ramsey

Additional Galah photos


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