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Sugar Glider: Petaurus breviceps

  • Sugar Gliders spend their lives in the canopy of the rainforest, which has an abundant source of nectar and insects for them to feed on.

  • The sugar glider is extremely agile and can glide, or volpane, for at least fifty metres.

  • To take off, it thrusts its hind legs and leaps forwards into the air, immediately spreading out flaps of skin, or membranes, at either side of its body to assist 'flight.'

  • To land, it folds its hind legs in towards in towards its body and with a final upward swoop lands on all fours.

  • Sugar gliders prefer eucalypt woodlands and rainforests where tree hollows are available for shelter and there is an abundant food source of eucalypt sap and acacia gum.


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Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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