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Peaceful Dove

Photo: Courtesy of Graeme Guy

‘Peaceful Dove’ Geopelia striata

Identifying Characteristics:

  • Has greyish upperparts.

  • Has a pinkish chest barring over much of the body.

  • Also a distinctive  blue ring around the eye.

  • Has a distinctive undulating almost flopping flight.


  • The call is a familiar often heard 'doodle-do' and a rough 'grrr..'.


  • The Peaceful Dove is found from South East Asia, through New Guinea, and to Australia and islands of the Pacific.

  • It is common over much of Australia, except a large portion of the south-west of the continent.


  • Within this distribution it can turn up in almost any habitat, including the edge of the rainforest, tropical woodlands, and urban environments.

  • It normally seems to prefer more open situations and is often not too far from freshwater.

Script: Courtesy of Damon Ramsey BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide

Additional Peaceful Dove Photos


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