Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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Lake Eacham & Lake Barrine
Crater Lakes National Park 
Native Mammals List

C  =  Common    A  =  Abundant    L  =  Limited    =  Widespread    R  =  Rare    U  =  Uncommon    S  =  Sparse    Un =   Unlimited    V  =  Vulnerable    Re =  Restricted
Common NameScientific NameStatus
PlatypusOrnithorhynchus antinusC
Short-beaked EchidnaTachyglossus aculeatusC
Yellow-footed AntechinusAntechinus flavipesA
Brown AntechinusAntechinus stuartiiA
Spotted-tailed Quoll *Sasyurus maculatusC to S
Long-nosed BandicootPerameles nasutaC W
Northern Brown BandicootIsoodon macrourusC to A
Long-tailed Pygmy-possumCercartetus caudatusC L
Striped PossumDactylopsila trivirgataS L
Lemuroid Ringtail PossumHemibelideus lemuroidesR
Green Ringtail PossumPseudodochirops archeriR
Herbert River Ringtail PossumPseudodochirops herbertensisR
Sugar GliderPetaurus brevicepsC
Coppery Brushtail PossumTrichosurus vulpeculaCL
Musky Rat-KangarooHypsiprymnodon moschatusC L
Lumholt'z Tree-KangarooDendrolagus lumholtziR
Red-legged PademelonThylogale stigmaticaC
Agile WallabyMacropus agilisA
Water-ratHydromys  chrysogasterS to C L
Fawn-footed MelomysMelomys cervinipesC
Grassland MelomysMelomys burtoniA
Giant White-tailed RatUromys caudimaculatusC
Bush RatRattus fuscipesC
Canefield RatRattus sordidusA
Prehensile-tailed RatPogonomys mollipilosusC Re
Cape York RatRattus leucopusC L
Swamp Rat **Rattus lutreolusC L
Little Red Flying-foxPteropus scapulatusC L
Spectacled Flying-foxPteropus conspicillatusV L
Black Flying-foxPteropus alectoC
Tube-nosed Insect Bat *Murina floriumV
Northern Blossom-batMacroglossus minimusC Un
Common Blossom-batSyconycteris australisC L
Eastern Tube-nosed batNyctmene robinsoniC
Eastern horsehoe-bat Rhinolophus megaphyllusC
Large-eared Horseshoe-bat *Rhinolophus phillipinensisR
Dusky Leafnosed Bat *Hipposideros aterU
Diadem Leafnosed BatHipposideros diademaR
Common Shealthtail-bat Taphozous georglanusC
Beccari's Freetail-batMormopterus beccariiC W
Little Bentwing-batMiniopterus australisA
Greater Broad-nosed batScoteanax rueppelliiU to R
Eastern Forest BatVespadelus pemilusC
Eastern Long-eared BatNyctophilus bifaxR
Common Bentwing-batMiniopterus schreibersiiC
Golden-tipped BatKerivoula papuensisR
Yellow-bellied Shealthtail-batSaccolaimus flaviventrisR
Northern Freetail-batChaereophon jobensisR
Little Northern Freetail-batMormopterus loriaeC W
White-striped Freetail-batTadarida australiaC to U W
Little Broad-nosed BatScotorepens greyiiC
Large-footed MyotisMyotis moluccensisU
DingoCanis lupus dingoC to R
*Only confirmed at Eacham 
**Only confirmed at Lake Barrine 

Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
PH & Fax: 07 4095 3754 International: 61 7 4095 3754

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