Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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Lake Eacham & Lake Barrine
Crater Lakes National Park 
Native Mammals List


C  =  Common        A  =  Abundant        L  =  Limited        W  =  Widespread 
R  =  Rare               U  =  Uncommon     S  =  Sparse         Un =   Unlimited 
V  =  Vulnerable      Re =  Restricted
Common Name Scientific Name Status
Platypus Ornithorhynchus antinus C
Short-beaked Echidna Tachyglossus aculeatus C
Yellow-footed Antechinus Antechinus flavipes A
Brown Antechinus Antechinus stuartii A
Spotted-tailed Quoll * Sasyurus maculatus C to S
Long-nosed Bandicoot Perameles nasuta C W
Northern Brown Bandicoot Isoodon macrourus C to A
Long-tailed Pygmy-possum Cercartetus caudatus C L
Striped Possum Dactylopsila trivirgata S L
Lemuroid Ringtail Possum Hemibelideus lemuroides R
Green Ringtail Possum Pseudodochirops archeri R
Herbert River Ringtail Possum Pseudodochirops herbertensis R
Sugar Glider Petaurus breviceps C
Coppery Brushtail Possum Trichosurus vulpecula CL
Musky Rat-Kangaroo Hypsiprymnodon moschatus C L
Lumholt'z Tree-Kangaroo Dendrolagus lumholtzi R
Red-legged Pademelon Thylogale stigmatica C
Agile Wallaby Macropus agilis A
Water-rat Hydromys  chrysogaster S to C L
Fawn-footed Melomys Melomys cervinipes C
Grassland Melomys Melomys burtoni A
Giant White-tailed Rat Uromys caudimaculatus C
Bush Rat Rattus fuscipes C
Canefield Rat Rattus sordidus A
Prehensile-tailed Rat Pogonomys mollipilosus C Re
Cape York Rat Rattus leucopus C L
Swamp Rat ** Rattus lutreolus C L
Little Red Flying-fox Pteropus scapulatus C L
Spectacled Flying-fox Pteropus conspicillatus V L
Black Flying-fox Pteropus alecto C
Tube-nosed Insect Bat * Murina florium V
Northern Blossom-bat Macroglossus minimus C Un
Common Blossom-bat Syconycteris australis C L
Eastern Tube-nosed bat Nyctmene robinsoni C
Eastern horsehoe-bat  Rhinolophus megaphyllus C
Large-eared Horseshoe-bat * Rhinolophus phillipinensis R
Dusky Leafnosed Bat * Hipposideros ater U
Diadem Leafnosed Bat Hipposideros diadema R
Common Shealthtail-bat  Taphozous georglanus C
Beccari's Freetail-bat Mormopterus beccarii C W
Little Bentwing-bat Miniopterus australis A
Greater Broad-nosed bat Scoteanax rueppellii U to R
Eastern Forest Bat Vespadelus pemilus C
Eastern Long-eared Bat Nyctophilus bifax R
Common Bentwing-bat Miniopterus schreibersii C
Golden-tipped Bat Kerivoula papuensis R
Yellow-bellied Shealthtail-bat Saccolaimus flaviventris R
Northern Freetail-bat Chaereophon jobensis R
Little Northern Freetail-bat Mormopterus loriae C W
White-striped Freetail-bat Tadarida australia C to U W
Little Broad-nosed Bat Scotorepens greyii C
Large-footed Myotis Myotis moluccensis U
Dingo Canis lupus dingo C to R
* Only confirmed at Eacham  
** Only confirmed at Lake Barrine  

Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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