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White-lipped Tree Frog

Photo: Courtesy of Damon Ramsey
BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide

White-lipped Tree Frog, Giant Tree Frog:  Litoria infrafrenata

  • Bright green or brown above with a defined white stripe covering its lower lip which extends to the base of the forelimb.
  • There is another white stripe along the hind legs including the fifth and most of the fourth toes.
  • These white stripes may become pink at times.
  • White underside
  • The skin may become quite lumpy on the sides and underside of the frog.


  • Found in a wide variety of habitats from rainforest to cultivated areas.
  • Frequently inhabits houses, sheds, garages and other human habitations.
  • Forages on humid wet evenings.


  • This is the largest Tree frog on earth reaching an average of ten centimetres long. Yet some adults may reach up to fourteen centimetres in length.


  • The male mating call is similar to a dog bark.
  • When molested, the Giant Tree Frog may meow like a distressed cat.

Additional Information: Courtesy of Damon Ramsey

  •  It is less lumpy than the common tree frog

  • They give out a strange double 'kurchunk' call.

  • Can be seen on the vegetation along the Daintree River, and in the swamp to the north of the Cape Tribulation car park in the wet season.

Additional White-lipped Tree Frog photos

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