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Hare's Foot Fern

Hare's foot Fern

Hare’s foot fern:  Davallia pyxidata

  • The Hare’s foot fern (Davallia pyxidata) is named after its brown rhizome, or stem, covered with brown papery scales, which may protrude from the clump, above the ground, for up to 50cm.

  •  It tends to be an epiphyte, growing on rainforest trees, on rocks or on the ground. 

  • Aboriginal people have traditionally boiled the roots and stems to treat hemorrhaging.

  Courtesy of: Environmental Protection Agency, Cairns.

  The Hare’s foot fern (Davillia pyxidata) is also characterized by the following:

  • Rhizome long-creeping, thick, fleshy, covered with brown, spreading, papery scales. 

  • Fronds up to 1m long, deltoid, leathery, glossy, tripinnate or quadripinnate, the fertile fronds with much finer segments. 

  • Sori marginal, up to five per segment, about as long as they are wide.

  • They are a common species found on rocks or trees in rainforest, or in protected areas in open forest.

  Confusing Species: 

  • D. solida.

  • Rumohra adiantiformis.

Distinguishing features: 

  • The spreading, brown, papery scales. 

  • The green young fronds.

  • The indusia.


  • Qld, NSW, Vic (Very localised in far west). 

  • Endemic.


  • Very easily grown in a pot or basket of coarse mixture.

  •  Hardly seen in southern Victoria.

Jones. D.L, Clemesha. S.C., Australian Ferns and Fern Allies, 1980


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