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Gilled Fungi

Gilled Fungus
Photo: C & D Frith
Australia's Wet Tropics Rainforest Life

Gilled Fungi: Mycena sp.

  • This is a member of the Order Agaricales.
  • Toadstools and mushrooms are also referred to as Agarics or gilled fungi.
  • They are a very widespread and delicate group of fungi with a highly functional shape. The stalk holds the fruiting surface clear of the ground while the cap is for protection from direct wetting (this can destroy the spore-producing cells).
  • They are usually found growing in clusters on logs or in leaf litter on the forest floor.

Agaric Mushrooms and Toadstools

  • The fungi that produce what most people would call the classic 'mushrooms' and 'toadstools', with a stalk and cap, are found mainly in a group often referred to as the 'aragics'.

  • Most of these have feathery soft gills on the underside of the cap (below).

  • This group includes the regular common cultivated mushrooms that we eat.

  • The range is of course enormous, for they can be tiny or huge, and any colour imaginable.

  • One of the bioluminescent fungi in the wet tropics, Mycena chlorophanos, belongs to this group.

    : Courtesy of  Damon Ramsey BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide


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