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Bumpy Satin-ashes

Photo: Courtesy of Damon Ramsey
BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide

Bumpy Satin-ashes: Syzgium spp

  • The 'Bumpy Satin-ashes' are two noticeable trees restricted to the tropical rainforests of north-east Australia.

  • They are noticeable because they are such great examples of 'Cauliflory', with the showy, stamen rich flowers, and then the large, round, whitish fruits erupting from the trunk.

  • Even when not flowering or fruiting, the tree's bumps are distinctive in an ecosystem where all the tree trunks look very similar.

  • Like many other Syzgium, the fruits are rather strange, but not offensive, to taste.

  • The Bumpy Satin-ash is a well-known tree from the tropical rainforests in the mountains and lowlands of Cape York and North-Eastern Australia.

  • The fruits are large, round and white, often with a pinkish tinge and have a very puckering calyx.

  • They seem more common at higher altitudes, while in the Daintree lowlands, the similar 'Daintree Satin-ash', Syzgium monospermum is more common.

  • It is restricted mainly to the lowland tropical rainforest of the Wet Tropics between Julatten and Cape Tribulation. I

  • t's fruits are large, white, round and less puckered than the above species.

  • The tree appears to have a special relationship with black ants Iridomyrmex gilberti that live inside the hollow bumps from where the flowers and fruit sprout.

  • Examples can be seen along Marrdja boardwalk.

Script: Courtesy of  Damon Ramsey BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide

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