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Brown Tree Snake

Brown Tree Snake
Photo: C & D Frith 
Australian Tropical
Reptiles & Frogs

Brown Tree Snake (Boiga irregularis)

  • They are nocturnal (active during the night) and arboreal (tree dwelling).
  • It acts aggressively towards humans, and although they are a venomous snake, their bite is normally more frightening than dangerous to humans.
  • Their bite could be serious for a young child or person with a heart condition.
  • It sometimes appears in bird cages and in roof spaces. (Source: Environmental Protection Agency)


  • Their colour ranges from a whitish-cream to reddish-brown with conspicuous red coloured cross bands.


  • These snakes live throughout the northern Australian tropics and down the eastern coast as far as the Sydney area.
  • The snakes live in rainforest rock crevices and tree hollows.


  • The Brown Tree Snake preys on; small mammals, birds, eggs, nestlings and lizards.


  • This is an egg-laying snake with clutches of 5 to 12 eggs being laid in one clutch.
  • When fully grown, the average length of a mature snake reaches 1.5 meters but can reach 2 metres.

Brown Tree Snakes of the Lamington National Park

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